What is the ICMEA approach?

ICMEA-UK will always work closely with our customers to ensure that we provide a quality bespoke service which exactly meets the customer’s needs.

This is our general approach to each new challenge:

We start by spending time talking to you to understand what you want to achieve, and where you are up to in terms of development so far.  Using our knowledge and previous experience we can then advise you on what might be possible and make an initial suggestion as to how your engineering problem could be addressed.

We will understand your problem, and advise…

Be assured that we’re happy to step into the unknown, and do what hasn’t been done before, so if your idea is innovative, we’re keen to work with you.  We are more than happy to talk about how we can work with you on new and exciting innovations.

Once we’ve got a good idea of what you’re trying to do, we will start to work out how the process will work, from first principles if necessary.   Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team use computer modelling (CAD, CFD, FEA, etc) and fundamental engineering formulae to develop models of the process and the structures that it requires.  Once we have a clear understanding of the process, we use our calculations and modelling to develop a design of the process, support structures and control system.  We then prepare the engineering drawings etc that are required for manufacture.


If you need us to, we will construct your system, using qualified subcontractors where necessary.   We will also provide full documentation for the system.  System manuals will be based on robust HAZOP processes as required.  We can also arrange CE marking (UKCA from 2021), if required.

If we’ve built a system or pilot rig, we will commission the system – installing it at your site and ensure it is working for you before we leave.